The Power of Parody

by Joe on

in Storytelling

There’s no better way to garner attention then to latch onto the coat tails of someone who is already getting it. Parody has that power.  The use of parody as a storytelling tool requires a good understanding of your subject and a keen perspective.  Recently, I came across a series of videos performed by Drew Droege and directed by Jim Hansen. To me, they capture parody at its best.

I’ve watched these over and over and I still crack up.  I can’t even say that Chloe Sevigny talks or acts anything remotely like this but after watching some YouTube videos of her, I think Drew Droege does an incredible job of taking some subtle physical habits and running wild with them. The result: uproarious laughter and giggles galore (my type of humor anyway).

I also think that it’s a stroke of genius that he creates videos depending on holidays and seasons (great for search purposes).  His videos have garnered considerable attention – some over 248,000 views.

So, would you get upset if you were Ms. Sevigny? I truly believe imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Think about that when you experiment with using parody in your storytelling and marketing efforts. You might even grab the attention of your subject!

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